“Dr Subra’s success secret is his endless service to the people” Dr Sivamurugan Pandian

As the General Election looms near, the campaigning in every constituency heats up as candidates from both sides of the political divide stepped up their games a notch higher.

Among the hot seats that have been garnering much attention is the Segamat parliamentary seat, a stronghold of MIC for over a decade since 2004.

Despite the opposition’s numerous attempts to unseat incumbent Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam in the seat that is known for its small-town label, the Health Minister and MIC president remained like a permanent fixture in it.

Three cornered battle in Segamat

In fact, Dr Subramaniam was among the three MIC candidates who won in the nine parliamentary seats the party contested in the 2008 General elections. In the upcoming general election, Dr Subramaniam will be facing a three corner fight against businessman Edmund Santhara Kumar from PKR and Khairul Faizi Ahmad Kamil from PAS.

Segamat has 53,747 voters.

In a recent event in Segamat, Dr Subramaniam had said that the zones that holds the majority of Indian voters including Jementah, Gemas Baharu, Buloh Kasap and Batu Anam were considered grey areas before this but the zones have been relabeled as white areas in the 14th General Election because of the 80 per cent increase in support.

Dr. Subra’s success secret

It is anyone’s guess why the Segamat voters keep on choosing the humble dermatologist as their voice in Parliament over and over again.

Universiti Sains Malaysia political analyst Dr Sivamurugan Pandian said one of Dr Subramaniam’s pull factor is his endless service to the people in his constituency.

“Although, incumbents have higher chances of winning as people know their service record, Dr Subramaniam never stopped serving his constituency since day one.”

“Although he has to face a huge challenge from the opposition especially from Santhara, given the circumstances I think Dr Subramaniam will still win in Segamat,” he opined.

Dr Subramaniam’s dedication to his constituency has also been nothing short of exemplary.

A close aide to him was quoted in a news report as saying Dr Subramaniam has been visiting his constituency consistently on a weekly basis, regardless of his work commitments.

Perhaps this nature of putting people first and always being there for them have won hearts over the years to the extent of people wishing to see him as their leader over and over again.

Yet again, it could also be his approachable character, with an ever ready smile for everyone that has attracted the voters there.

Another feather in his cap would be the fact that he came up with the Segamat Economic Development Action Plan 2018-2023 (Sedap). Sedap is a long-term holistic plan to enable the economy of the district to be more prosperous and dynamic, and is set to completely transform the area.

The five-year plan will be integrated with the multi-billion ringgit East Coast Economic Region (ECER) initiative that will cover Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Mersing in Johor with focus on five key areas namely  bio-technology, biomass, eco-tourism, agro-tourism and education.

With all these planned in the pipeline, and perhaps many more in the future, Dr Subramaniam is probably the best fit to run Segamat for the next five years.

Credit: Kuala Lumpur post

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